Thursday, September 1, 2011

Teacher time

It's been an emotional Thursday.

Due to the lack of power after Hurricane Irene teachers were delayed going back to work to prepare for the start of school, so they couldn't send the traditional "welcome to my class" postcards that let kids know who their teacher is. Teachers went back yesterday and word got around today that class lists were going to be posted on the windows of the school after 2:30. Around 2 facebook messages started to pop up that the list was on the school website.

I called the girls over to the sofa and brought up the website. We carefully scrolled through each grade until we found 2nd and started looking for Teagan's name.

She is not in the same class as her BFF. The tears started. Heavy, body aching sobs. My girly was beside herself. I comforted her best I could and asked Piper to run and get last year's yearbook so we could look up the picture of her teacher and the kids in her class. There are quite a few sweet girls in her class from last year and kindergarten... just not her best friend. Her best friend whom she met when she was about 6 months old. As I pointed out who was in her class she just continued to curl up in my lap and cry. I thought I had prepared my emotional little girl to the fact that the odds were not in their favor after four years in the same class. Guess it didn't sink in. They'll be on the bus together, they'll hang out after school. They should have recess at the same time. All Teagan could manage to get out between sobs was "Who will I sit next to at lunch and tell secrets to?"

Oh, sweet girl! Anybody in your class will be lucky to have the dear friend you are!

Piper was pretty happy. Her best friend from preschool who has been in a different elementary school for the past three years is with her in the center gifted program and they ended up in the same class. Her school is sending six girls and six boys into the program, so three girls and three boys in each of the two gifted third grade classes. She is pleased with the crew that is in her class. And pleased that a girl coming from another school we have heard not so nice things about is not in her class. Both CBG teachers are amazing, so we couldn't go wrong.

Teagan's teacher I know nothing about. But the principal has allowed letters indicating what type of teacher and learning environment a parent desires for their child to assist in placement and I have written a detailed letter every year. We have had nothing less than a perfect fit every year, so I have great faith that Teagan was matched with a teacher who will be wonderful for her. I was able to contact a parent today who had a child in the teacher's class a few years ago at another grade level who said that she is gentle, and kind and hugs. That is part of my letter right there- Teaggie needs a nurturer. I'm excited to meet her tomorrow.

I've played up all the positives (she does have many girls she knows in her class, and BFFs class is peanut free and whoa, would that be hard for my PBJ lovin' girl) and she is starting to come around. BFF came home from running errands and they have had a chance to talk face to face about not being together...officially. I have a feeling these two will be the best of friends for life!

Besties in preschool 4 years ago



  1. Oh my goodness. I literally started crying while reading this last night and only could go back to finish it this morning--I know, I know--I guess you wrote it so well and I can imagine what a crushing blow this was for your daughter. It just really made me sad that it didn't work out the way she had so much hope for.
    The button on your sidebar looks good though!
    Many hugs to you all!

  2. This is SO precious. What a tender heart she has, and how greatly God has blessed her with such a wonderful BFF at such a young age. That photo is priceless!

    I LOVE that you are able to write a letter and that they do their best to match you with the best fit for your child. That just blesses my heart to hear! Wish it were that way here!!

    Praying the year goes great for BOTH of your girlies and that God blesses them abundantly with lots of great NEW friends, too!!

    Have a blessed weekend! <><