Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Oh my!!

5.8 earthquake centered just 50 miles from me.

I was on the sofa at my computer when the whole house began to violently shake. We don't have earthquakes in VA- I was so taken off guard. I ran out the front door (the girls were outside playing) and found my neighbors also on their front steps. We all yelled to each other- "Did you feel that?"

At first I though it was my washing machine!

Phone calls aren't going through, but Paul was able to get a call through to me. He was in a Walmart 20 miles away and the building shook and was evacuated.

I can't get through to my mom and dad. We keep trying each other, but can't hear.

I called the girls in and talked about what we just felt and told them to stay outside playing since an aftershock is possible.

I'm still shaking.


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  1. Wild, isn't it?! I have never felt an earthquake....I can only imagine your fear!!