Thursday, August 25, 2011

Irene is a commin'

Spent all day following weather models and prepping.

Another run to the store for two more cases of water and some other supplies I thought of.

Picked up a few more books to read from the used book store.

Cleared out the garage so we can park a car inside.

Removed almost everything from the yard and deck that can become a projectile when we get the sustained 40-60 mile winds that are on their way, and 80+ MPH gusts.

Got packs of glow sticks at the ready.


And fried.

...We'll need stuff to eat when we are without power for days (what we think will happen based on the last hurricane- and this one is way worse!).

Did many loads of laundry.

Changed sheets.

Cleared out the fridge.

Picked up a block of dry ice (we don't have a generator).

And got NOTHING that was on the agenda for the day accomplished (like several bow orders and entering and tagging all the items for the consignment sale that are due Saturday. The ladies in charge say it's still on for item drop off Saturday. Ha!)

Getting nervous looking at the path and intensity. My folks generator is not working. Dad and some neighbors think they figured out the issue and he's going to attempt to have it fixed tomorrow. Not good the way they stockpile food in their freestanding-has to be bungeed shut freezer in the garage. They are in the 60-80 MPH sustained wind zone and their neighborhood had a lot of damage with Isabel in '03. Mom's nervous about the trees. Me too. Heck, I think everybody in South Eastern VA is.

Prepared best we can.


That's all we can do for now... and wait.



  1. From earthquakes to hurricanes all in one week... YIKES!

    PRAYING ~ because our FATHER is GREATER than ANY storm, and He is with you! <>< May His angels be charge over your home and your property, as well as your parents' and may He cover ALL of you in His mighty hedge of protection... in JESUS' precious name we pray. AMEN!

    Love you!!

  2. Hang in there! Praying for all our blog friends out East!