Monday, August 22, 2011

Two more weeks

Two more weeks of summer vacation.

Hard to believe that it is the end of the summer. It has really gone by quickly.

Last week we went back to Williamsburg with the intent of a weekend of outdoor activities. The girlies and I arrived much later on Friday than I had desired due to a lot that needed to be done before we left. We arrived around 4 and unpacked at Nana and Grandpa's house, ate an early dinner, and set off for Busch Gardens. We has a beautiful evening at the park and were able to see the last of the Illuminights shows we had yet to catch this season. The girls and I really liked the Chinese yo yo performers and acrobats. We had gone to a Chinese yo yo demonstration several months ago at the library and fully understood how difficult what the performers were doing really was! The evening was capped by some amazing fireworks. Love Busch Gardens Williamsburg! We plan on making two more visits to the park before our summer passes expire.

Untitled from Kelly Winn on Vimeo.

Paul was to join us Saturday to go back to the park, but when I woke up I was discouraged to find thick smoke outside. It looked like fog. There is a wildfire (still burning!) in the Great Dismal Swamp down in Suffolk and the winds had brought the thick, acrid smoke to Willaimsburg. The girls and I had breakfast plans at my favorite dive in town, so we braved it out. Visibility driving was poor and it was stinky and tough breathing. The Colonial area was packed. Guess if folks are on vacation they'll still make the best of it and not just hang out in a hotel. For us, however, it made no sense to go to Busch Gardens in that air. The girlies and I hit a few stores for some back to school clothes shopping and headed back to Nana's. We called Paul and told him no hurry. Ugh.

My main concern was for the next day- Sunday. The reason we were in town in the first place. My monthly Second Sunday Music and Art Festival booth. Would it still be held? Would people even come t an outdoor event? Would smoke ruin my inventory? I was a ball of nerves. I really needed a decent show income. Rain came Saturday night, so I went to bed hopeful that the smoke would clear.

Sunday morning brought clearer skies, but the smell was still intense. The organizer sent out an email saying that the event could not be rescheduled, much advertising had been done- who was willing to still show up? She's make a final call based on interest. I replied that I would come, but bring a small portion of my inventory that wasn't susceptible to smoke. Thirty minutes later I got the response that 8 of the 20 vendors were willing to come, so it was on and we'd just line one side of the street so that we still lined the two blocks of the street. I usually arrive at 12:30 and am fully set up by 1:30. The event officially begins at 3, but most vendors are selling by 2. This time, we didn't leave the house until after 1:30. We packed 75% of my stuff, just in case. It still smelled heavily of smoke, though the visibility was not that bad at all.

By the time we had parked and began unloading the car, the air was smelling clearer. We unpacked all my tubs and after my tent was up and tables all arranged it was surprisingly clear...and folks were out in full force. I set up everything I had and began selling immediately. Answered prayer. No doubt about it! I did better than June, but quite as well as July. Still a good day! Hours earlier I wasn't even sure I'd be able to set up. God cleared the skies at exactly the perfect time!


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