Friday, January 29, 2010

Baby, it's cold outside!

Waiting for a doozy here. A MAJOR winter storm!

We are expecting the snow to begin after sunset tonight and deliver a major snowstorm. Central and Southern Virginia typically doesn't get big storms. For us, this will be huge. Current predictions are for 12+ inches (some medels show 16" could be likely) and what they are calling "New England storm temperatures." Translation- high temp of 20 in the morning and then falling. That's something that hasn't happened in a Central VA snow in many years. Quite likely that temps will stay constant between 16 and 18 degrees most of Saturday. ((What???)). The VA Beach area and Norfolk which hardly gets any accumulation is trending for 12-14 inches. My parent's in Williamsburg could be a 'direct hit" at 15+. Don't believe Williamsburg has had more than 6 inches in the past 20 years. Insane!

I went shopping over the past few days for necessary food (and technically unnecessary but much desired foods too). We have sleds and snowpants and gloves procured just prior to our unprecedented December snow. Hit the library yesterday for a bunch of books and DVDs. I think we're good to go.

The nerd in me has had a blast learning about meteorology, looking at all the weather charts and NAM and GFS models and following the local weather blogs where super nerdy weather buffs and novice meteorologists have been posting in real time about reading the models and tracking fronts. I have learned a bunch!

So now I'm doing some laundry, and mentally planning what I can do on my days off (because we have to get a few days off of school). It will take a good while for our county to dig the neighborhoods out so school can resume. Just hope we don't lose power.

Bring it on!!!



  1. WOW!!! We thought it was a big deal to get a few inches in Virginia Beach...I can't imagine this one! We had snow here today (for the 4th time this Winter) but it didn't stick! I'd kinda like to see a storm like the one you're in know, just to say I've seen it once. :) Take care and keep warm!!!!

  2. It's crazy seeing so many other states get hammered with these big snow storms, but we sit relatively calm and w/very little snow up here in Minnesota right now. I wish it would either go away, or give us a nice thick, fresh coat... provided we don't have any important traveling plans we need to venture out for! ;)

    Stay warm, stay safe...and enjoy your books and DVD' meteorology nerd you! ;) LOL!!
    Be sure to post "after" photos!!