Sunday, January 3, 2010

Last day of vacation

Here it is the afternoon of the last day of Winter break and I have neglected to post all the fabulous, insightful posts that I have composed in my mind. Where did the time go?

For starters there were several chock full days of last minute Christmas preparations and 14 dozen cookies to be made for our family and my brothers and dad for part of their Christmas gifts. Then we had a few days of travel and a surprise visit from the other set of grandparents up from Florida for a few days. We spent an afternoon helping Paul move to a new office location within the general office and get somewhat organized. Now here I am, at a loss of time with a huge agenda I thought I'd have accomplished days ago. I just got all of my thank you notes done (still need to get the girlies done) and I spent the majority of yesterday planning my January teaching curriculum and reserving library books that go with my units of study. I have 3 bow orders I need to wrap up tonight and get postmarked tomorrow and we have to get to the store so we have lunch items on hand and a few other essentials that mysteriously are running on empty. Notice posting that eloquent blog post didn't even make the list. Ahhhh.

I do have many goals for 2010, one of which is to be much better about keeping a family record of our lives and my thoughts. I love how so many of you, my bloggy friends, manage to keep up your blogs so well. I got a new camera from Paul for Christmas, a small pocket sized Kodak since my big Nikon is, well, big. Maybe I'll at the very least get up an end of 2009 pictorial summary....after I cross a few more things of of my list.



  1. It sounds like you had a great Winter break! Of course, we missed all your insightful thoughts but we understand you were busy. :)

  2. I do hope to see more of you on here this New Year...but I understand how busy you have been between being a mommy to the girly-girls, all those BEAUTIFUL bowes you make (I showed off my order to family over this past weekend!!) and your teaching job. But just know... YOU HAVE BEEN MISSED!!!

    Love & Hugs,
    ~ Tanya