Monday, January 18, 2010

Great Mema's stuff

We just received the latest item I've inherited from my grandmother Mattie May, aka Mema to me and Great Mema to the girlies. She passed away in September of 2008, but it has taken my dad a while (for physical and emotional reasons) to go through the jam packed storage facility that housed all of her belongings. He and I moved everything, and I mean everything, to the storage facility many years ago when she went into an assisted living facility. She didn't want anything sold, or even touched and though she would never have any idea Dad followed her wishes and packed it all in and let it sit. Several months ago we borrowed a neighbors truck and my Dad and Paul met up at the unit and I picked from memory what items I wanted. They loaded them up and now they grace our home. Nothing is of much monetary value, she had working class stuff and it was well used and old. But I have many memories and am thrilled to have her things in our house. I most love her china cabinet that fits perfectly between our unusually narrow dining room windows and her upholstered rocking chair and drum top table that are now in our master bedroom and match perfectly.

Dad went back last week to have an auction house come take a look at what remained and to gather a few more things for me. Her old Singer sewing machine and cabinet needs to be rewired, but will be mine. He also set aside a drop side table that my grandmothers uncle made for her, likely in the 1930's. It's solid pine and beat up, but I plan on painting it and placing it in the playroom. Plans may change once I see it, but I think it's cool to have a piece so old and handmade.

Th girlies are in heaven over the new piece from Great Mema they got this weekend. My Mom's friend had a luncheon a few miles away from us, so mom came along for the drive and we hung out together while her friend had her party. She brought with her our newest treasure....

A baby stroller, likely from the 1930's. I remember riding in it as a child with my brother. I need to clean it up a bit. The fabric tag is just hanging on and says "since 1839". Love it! We have no dining room furniture so the front of our home is wide open for strolling around baby dolls and stuffed animals. They are even taking each other on rides. Dad says there are two more, but this one is in the best shape. Makes me smile seeing the girlies play with it. I know Mema is smiling down from heaven too!



  1. There's notihing like the "treasures" you get handed down from your grandparents and/or great-grandparents! It looks like you've inherited some beautiful pieces of antique furniture, and I know the girls are having fun with that stroller! Enjoy your new things, and keep on letting them become part of today's future memories.

  2. What a beautiful blessing to be able to pass such wonderful family treasures on to your own children.

    So precious.

  3. Those are beautiful pieces of memories and furniture! I love the china cabinet especially. It reminds me of my own grandma's that was divided along with her other furniture between us grandchildren when she went into the assisted living facility. I just LOVE antique furniture ... it has seen so much life happen around it and to think about the generations that it spans is touching. I hope ALL (wink wink!) your girls someday get some special piece of furniture that will link to their heritage. (And that includes your newest daughter from the East too! That thought gives me goosebumps in thinking about what a picture of adoption that is.) SO cool. Thanks for sharing!

  4. This is my first time visiting your blog. It's lovely, and your girls are beautiful! I just had to comment on the baby carriage. I am a photographer and have been looking for a baby carriage to use as a prop for some time now. How blessed you are to have one with so many wonderful memories. And for your girls to get so much enjoyment out of playing with it...I'm sure Mema is happy :) Thanks for sharing! Angie :)