Thursday, January 14, 2010

Out loud

He said the words out loud that I have been waiting to hear. Let me back up a bit...

It was 13 months ago that I poured out my heart about adopting a waiting child to Paul and he agreed that we would do so- one day, not any time soon.

A few weeks ago in talking about the new year he mentioned that he was thinking that we'd likely get the process started sometime in 2010. Still a lot of unresolved issues regarding finances in his head.

Last night we began taking Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University course at our church. We were instructed to go around the room and introduce ourselves saying why we were there and what we hoped to get out of the course. Several people spoke about how they wanted to be able to fund missions trips and be better gifters to causes that were dear to their hearts. When it was our turn he said it- publicly- for the first time in my presence. We were there to learn to get in control of our finances the way that God intends and we want to adopt a little girl from China and hope to start the process this year. He said it out loud, not only to my ears, but to a room full of casual acquaintances and strangers. This year. I know he's likely thinking Nov/Dec (ha!). I know that the Lord has the perfect time already planned. It has been difficult to wait this long already just to start the process and wait a whole lot more. But I feel like I have received my first of the much anticipated "A's". Audible conformation that adding an orphan to our family is on the agenda. Praise God!



  1. Oh Kelly! I rejoice with you!!! I know how your heart must have been ready to burst when you heard those words OUT LOUD!!! I know I've promoted it shamelessly on my blog plenty of times, but I just want to reassure you that Dave Ramsey's plan DOES work!!! And it feels so good to start the adoption process DEBT FREE!!! I look forward to following your journey!

  2. wooohooooo---that is HUGE!!! I bet you could have kissed him there and then. That is just so darn exciting. I am THRILLED for you. I cannot wait to see how things unfold this year. I bet it will be sooner than Nov :)

    Rejoicing with you. Yes, God is so good.

  3. Kelly, I am so excited for you. You are one step closer to your China treasure. God is so good!!!

  4. oh Kelly~ PTL!!! I am feeling your excitement from here, as I'm SO EXCITED FOR YOU!! I know we had some heart-felt email exchanges this past summer, and your heart has been ACHING to hear those words! I trust that God will bring you to your daughter in His perfect timing. "THIS YEAR" it all begins!! YIPPEE JESUS! <><

  5. What a neat story! Looking forward to seeing how God moves in your family! Thanks for finding my blog and commenting. Always fun to "meet" new people. If you want to talk about agencies and the special needs program or whatever, let me know!
    Blessings! Kelly