Saturday, January 9, 2010

Eighteen pounds of love

I'm a cat person. Always have been as long as I can remember. Right now I have two boys. They are mine. Paul can't stand cats. He let me get them after we were married, but they have had some "issues"- OK, still have "issues" (long stories) and that makes them fullymy cats. Simon and Schuster. Those are my boys. My BIG boys. My eighteen pound boys.

Simon is a very possessive lap cat. When he wants my affection he gets right in my lap, in my face, on my pillow at 4am... He demands and commands affection. He's so soft and snuggly and I love it for a bit. But he wants his mamma all the time. It can be annoying. And heavy. But right now when I am constantly freezing, I have been enjoying having my own personal radiator take his spot up in my face as soon as I sit down. I was listening the the Kutless It Is Well CD I just got tonight while the girlies were watching their third (perhaps fourth) movie of the day. Paul is out for the night riding along with our friend/Sunday school teacher/mentor Mike, who is giving a presentation on Fathering at a church a few hours away this evening. So it's just the girlies, a frozen pizza, my new CD and an eighteen pound purring lap warmer hanging out for the night.

(picture taken by my budding photographer Teagan with my new Christmas present)



  1. So you DO have some boys around your house ;) We have had cats in our house too - right now, I am so glad I don't have any more furballs with hair to clean up (!?) - but maybe some day. My animal loving son would love a cat!

  2. He is absolutely adorable. Sounds like a fun night with the girls.

    Love and hugs

  3. There IS something wonderful about snuggling up with a kitty. We had one, but then my Dad developed a severe allergy to cats (as well as guinea pigs, rabbits and other animals with similar dander) so cats are a no-more for our family. But they are nice. :) And I LOVE the picture of you...I think you've got a budding photographer in your midst!

  4. I LOVE seeing you on THAT side of the camera, for a change! You're as beautiful as always!! :) And your 'big' boy is awfully cute, too. Hey, anything to stay warm in these COLD temps! Sounds like a relaxing evening to me!!