Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Degrees, that is.

Our expected high temp today- 17 degrees. It's twelve degrees out right now. Crazy for my neck of the woods!

And obviously too cold for the heat pump at my school. It was struggling yesterday to maintain the balmy 61 degrees I arrived to in my classroom. So I wasn't all that surprised to get a phone call from my director saying that the heat was broken and would be completely shut down for repair and there would be no school today. My assistant and I broke up the phone list and set to calling parents yesterday evening. Lots of families were not home, so I hope that messages were checked (I'm awful about checking mine!) and too many kiddos don't show up this morning to a locked building.

I plan on getting some wrapping done and more bow and key fob orders completed and shipped in my 4 hours of found time this morning. That and trying to stay warm!!

We are expecting snow on Thursday. Who know what that might do to school?


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  1. Hey you are TOTALLY ready to move to the MidWest now, right? It's that cold here regularly in the winter it seems ... but I am SO with you on the cold all the time part. Just NO fun when you can't feel your fingers! Hey, what a good opportunity to use one of those teapots and have a nice cup of HOT tea!!!
    Hope it warms up soon for you guys!