Thursday, December 9, 2010

She's up late

For the past few nights the girlies have been staying up after they have been tucked in bed. Lights have been dimly turned back on and they think that I have been unaware.

Piper has been so involved in reading as many chapter books as she can so she can take a comprehension quiz in the library and get points and earn a necklace and book charms. She took a quiz today and her point total has earned her the ball chain necklace and her first charm. She's very proud. So are we.

Teagan, on the other hand, has been staying up writing "secret notes" that have appeared on my keyboard when I get ready to shut the computer down for the night.

Her notes have melted my heart.

"You make me love you mour"

"I want to be like you"

"I love you"

"You are nice to me"

These are all keepers!!

I'm not minding the after hours activities so much!



  1. total KEEPERS!!! :) SOOOOOO s'weet! What a hunny... I think those are worthy of a few late nights!! ;)

    Very nice to have you back and glad to hear your girly-girl is doing better. Praying for healthy holidays and a blessed New Year! Can't wait to hear updates on how 'everything' is going!!!



  2. i will take love notes like that ANY day!! I have some 'coupons' I just have to post about soon. they completely melted my heart!!