Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What a busy time of year!

So much to post about! Pictures and full details will have to wait.

We had the end of the week off of school due to the weather. That allowed me to get some more stuff done at home and all my orders to that point shipped out. Whew! Then Saturday we went down to Williamsburg to meet my parents and have our traditional breakfast with Santa at the William & Mary Alumni House. We were the last to get to talk with this amazing Santa. They went in order of when reservations were made, and my mom was sure she was in early. Teagan was having a hard time waiting. Santa takes as long as each child wants, and some took 20 minutes. They have a craft room, and a movie room to pass the time, and we had already had about 30 minutes of Santa telling all the kids stories (did I mention that he is amazing!!) and breakfast, but it was a long wait for our turn. All worth it though. When we were saying goodbye, the director of Alumni programs mentioned to Santa how patient the girlies had been. He said: "You know what- you have been incredibly patient to wait your turn while I visited with all of my other friends. I want to give something special to you." He then took off his hat and removed a very special necklace from around his neck- a Santa face carved from reindeer antler. He presented it to the girls whose eyes were as wide as I have ever seen. It's carved EE 10 on the back. The girls have decided that stands for Edward Elf #10. Santa told them he has 29 elves and one elf has the job of doing all the carving. So magical!!

Then that night we went to Busch Gardens for Christmas Town. SO cool. Really, I mean cool... I was in the 20's and snowing. The light displays were awesome. We had a blast walking around the park watching shows, sipping hot cocoa and looking at lights. We were frozen when we left, but what a great family evening to cap off a great day.

Monday was our 12th anniversary. Our babysitter had to go out of town to a funeral, so the girlies came with Paul and I to dinner at a Japanese Steak House. They got all dressed up on their own and were very excited to be going out with us.

Today we are preparing for snow. I was worried my brother wouldn't make it home from London because of the snow there (he got back a few hours ago w/o a problem, but many are still stranded in Heathrow). Now it looks like we might be the ones unable to make it to my folks. Our impending white Christmas could be feet of snow- a full blizzard. Watching the weather model runs with great interest.

What a fun time of year!!


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