Friday, April 8, 2011

Big Day

I'm shaking, I'm so physically exhausted, and here is still work left to be done.

The car just got packed. A few hours late, but there was rain. A few more inventory items need to be completed and then the final check of the set up and supplies and I can call it a night. I'll be up at 5:30. Paul is taking the girlies to a dear friend's house super early so he can meet me at the venue and help me pitch my tent and set up shop. Many of the "professional" crafters set up their tents today, but mine isn't top grade and I was worried about the storm. Better to be safe and do it all in the morning.

After an extra dance practice with the same sweet friend carpooling the girlies around (SO great to have friends!!), she'll bring them over to the event. It's open to the public 10-5. Long day. Rain should be moved out by early morning. I'm hopefully expectant for a great day. I felt under attack yesterday when my car broke down. No way we could get everything transported with the other small car. Thankfully with Dad's phone consult, we got it running and I should be able to make it there and back. It seems to always be something. Last crazy attack right before a show (allergic reaction to who knows what and I woke that morning completely covered in hives and almost wasn't able to make it there)- well that was an amazing event. I've worked way too hard for this one!!



  1. Praying all went well! I so get the hands shaking...and the being under attack days. But our mighty God prevails!

    Love and blessings,