Monday, April 11, 2011

Not Bad

(I forgot my camera, so the only pictures are from my ipod)

That's how I'd sum up Saturday. Not Bad. It wasn't a stellar day, but I took in average for a 1 day event, even though this one was a few hours longer than average and the booth fee was a bit higher.

The weather just didn't cooperate. When I arrived at 7:15 AM the electronic sign at the entrance to the campus read 50 degrees. It was quite a hike from the parking lot to the vendor area, so they had about 6 small flat bed tractors transporting vendors and all our inventory and set up. I parked in the only open spot on the circle where I was directed and unloaded my car contents onto the curb. The tractors loaded up all the people on the far side of the circle. More vendors arrived and filled in those curbside spaces, and the tractors came back and picked up a new load... of the new people! The woman who was just ahead of me and I were starting to get frustrated. We finally got one to come over to us and she was loaded up first since she arrived a few minuted before me. It took 3 loads to get her transported. She promised to send the men back to get me, but they came back and settled once again on the far side. I had been waiting for 45 minutes by this point and began yelling and furiously waving my hands to get their attention: "Hey- over here, please!" They drove over my way just as Paul was arriving with my second load of stuff in his car. They drove me down to my space and Paul moved the cars to the parking lot, which turned out to be down a very steep hill from my space, which made for easy loading up at the end of the day without having to wait for the tractor again.

It was supposed to warm up, but the high was only 55, and it took until about 4PM to hit that whopping 55. The crowds just were not there. I was freezing, cloudy and grey. It was a very well organized event with a TON of free stuff for the kids to do. The girlies had a blast in the science exploratory tent. They also loved running up and down the big hill behind my tent. Paul did an amazing job as my "barker" bringing people into my tent to view my wares closer. I sold more key fobs and bottle cap necklaces than anything else. I never know what will be a "hot' item. Neither of those moved really well at the last show a few weeks ago. After fees, it was a $600 day. I had hoped for closer to $1000.

Not bad.



  1. I'm afraid the warm weather was here in Iowa Sat. afternoon!
    What a surprise for us!
    I am glad that you made $600! But I wish you would have made your goal :-(
    You really put your heart into the prep and it showed!!! Your set up was beautiful! Wish I could have stopped in!

  2. So glad it was mostly a successful show!! Everything is so beautiful!