Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Break ~Monday

Good day.

Girlies played wonderfully together 99% of the day. That's huge because there is usually a lot of bickering and fighting. Bound to happen when you are so close together in age with the exact same interests, desires and for the most part, abilities. It we pretty cool when they looked at me late this afternoon and commented "we haven't had a fight today!"

You go girls!!

They made a club. The Polka Dot Girls club. They made signs. Sign up lists. Member cards and invitations (that were promptly delivered to neighbor's mailboxes). They created stuff with play doh and water color paint. The kitchen table is still a mess with remnants of creativity. They ran around outside. Played on the swing set. Fed themselves (healthy- not so sure?).

All the while I, still in my jammies, hunkered down with my laptop and revamped my website. I edited pictures and cleaned up categories. I posted several new items and removed old ones that I had no desire to make again that hadn't been ordered in years. I prepped 3 new orders that came in and responded to two inquiries of items I listed on cr@igslist last night (there is a bite on the $300 double stroller!!).

No cleaning today. In fact, there is more mess. I'm choosing to be OK with that.

I got showered by late afternoon and joined the kids across the street in the neighbor's backyard to greet their new puppy. She is such a little doll!

The kids were all jumping on the trampoline, so I got a few pictures.

Then I had Piper model for me. I'll be adding a new product line this week- stretch elastic hair ties that double as bracelets. Anthropologie makes some for way too much $$. I use the same elastic for infant/toddler headbands, so I made a few for personal use and we all love them. I dyed one for Piper last week and she has loved wearing it on her wrist and in her hair. I figured I could get a few decent pictures while we were outside. Tomorrow we have plans to tie dye a boatload of elastic, and some shirts for the girls and their dolls- after meeting my parents for lunch. They will be in the area for doctor's appointments. Fun!

I'm feeling better.

It's turning into a good break.


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  1. Sounds like a nice, peaceful day! :)

    Love the new idea! My girls walk around wearing pony tail holders on their wrists...even my 15 year old! :)

    Love and blessings,