Thursday, April 21, 2011

end of year reviews

I'm spending the afternoon typing up transcripts I've had in my notebook all year long. Anecdotal records of things kids in my class have said that show their grasp on learning in the six core areas. I'll give the notes to parents at the end of year conferences in May. I've had quite a few chuckles reliving some of the memories.

Like when one boy was upset that center time had run out and he hadn't had a chance at the writing center to make something with the craft supplies. The little girl who was there invited him to come to her house for a play date where they could use her craft supplies. "But I don't know where you live?" he said with a sad face. "That's OK! I'll just save my money and buy you a GPS. It will tell you exactly how to get to my house!"

Or when a other girl giggled to herself and said "Miss Kelly, I have a joke for you. What do you call a groundhog with a crown? A crown-hog! Get it? Ha! I just made that up!"

Love this one... I had just read a story about friendship and being kind to one another. A little girl raised her hand and said: "That makes me think about when I don't want to play with my little brother because he doesn't share. But I do because that is what Jesus wants me to do."

Being a preschool teacher is a lot more work that I ever thought it would be. But I do love my job!



  1. I just love listening to little ones. They keep me busy...but boy the sweet things they say always bring a smile to my face!

    Love and blessings,