Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sprinb Break ~Tuesday

What a day!! A great, long, day!

The girlies pronounced it as their favorite day in a long time.

We ran a few errands that included a trip to the craft store armed with a 40% off coupon to pick up a few more colors of tye dye. Then to Target for some white tank tops to dye. Also looked for newborn shirts for their American Girl dolls, but the hook was bare. Then we ventured off to meet Nana and Grandpa at Red Robin for lunch. Grandpa's B-day is the 20th, so they brought cards and a few of his favorite candies

After lunch, Nana and Grandpa had to go to a doctor appointment, so we went to the cars so they could give us some good junk they are donating to our yard sale and give the girlies Easter baskets. How cool is it that out of the entire mall parking lot, I found an empty spot relatively close (and was in a hurry to get inside so I didn't pay any attention) that was right next to mom and dad's car!! Made for an easy transfer of the junk (oops- I mean great stuff to sell!).

We made a few pit stops looking for doll sized shirts on the way home, finally finding them (on sale!) at a baby mega store.

Target is fun with new Easter animals!

Then it was time to get the tie dye all set up. What a process! I made the girls go put on their tie dye nightgowns from the last time we did this. It was at a friend's home and we just showed up and she had everything ready. Much easier. I figured if they got anything on themselves, it wouldn't matter.

When they made the nightgowns (womens tank tops) we were the last to arrive and most of the dye was diluted. They were amazed at the vibrant colors we had to use!

Wish I had more pictures of the girls in process, but I had to have rubber gloves on and do most of the rubber banding. Got messy fast, so just a few pictures from the beginning.

They each made 4 items: a tee shirt, a tank top, a doll shirt, and a nightgown/swimsuit cover up (read: $1 clearance sale of womens size small tops).

I made one girl tank too (there were 3 in the package). Fun!

They could hardly wait overnight to see the results!!


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  1. Looks like an AMAZING first day of Spring Break!! what fun you are!