Monday, April 4, 2011

Ribbon overload!

Not my space, but I feel like my crafting chaos is just as bad!

The spring isn't usually a crazy season for me. I'm glad to be busy. That means I'm getting orders and having shows. I just don't like feeling constantly overwhelmed. And I have been the past two weeks.

I had a 2 day expo out of town a little over a week ago. It went fabulously well. Great sales, good connections, and a few amazing blessings God had up His sleeve I didn't see coming. I had a lot of inventory, but I also sold a ton. Which leaves me needing to make more for my big show on Saturday.

I have always done small craft shows (think community centers, churches, schools). But there is a HUGE event near me that I have attended for a few years as an observer and I decided it was time to apply for a crafter booth space. It was my first time sending in a juried application. I sent it in on the last day applications were being accepted. It was a lot to send in- all the pictures of my previous booth spaces and close up images of my work, and an artist statement. Didn't really think I'd get in. But I did!!! Most of the 80 vendors are what I'd consider "fine art." I really want to do well, have a good looking set up and not feel out of my league. Did I mention that it's on Saturday?

So, my home is a disorganized mess and I work on orders and make new inventory. There are components everywhere. I have night obligations everynight this week and my job has a scheduled in service Friday afternoon that I'll have to fly out of just to make it to the bus stop in time for the girlies. I'm nervous about how I'll get everything accomplished that I want/need to have done.

In the mix, I was thrilled to set up two packages of my handiwork to donate to a dear bloggy friend who will be starting a fundraiser for a most amazing cause. I am so happy that I get to play a small part in what she has been led by God to do. Can't wait for it to be up and running so I can share.

I'll get it all done- and what isn't completed, we'll I have to let it go. Darn that there are only 24 hours in a day!

Where I'll be...

Look at the amazing artists I'll be surrounded by!


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  1. Don't underestimate yourself, friend! I have ordered bows from many different sources, and I can say that there is only one other place that holds a candle to the quality and workmanship that your's do. Most just don't have the same eye for detail and quality finishing touches that you offer... so I think you are perfectly fit to be in the mix of those talented artists this weekend, as you are one of them!! :) And not to pat myself on the back or anything, but I think I have a pretty good eye for detail and quality, being the 'artsy-fartsy' type, myself!! So know you'll be in my prayers, that God will multiply the time that you have and that everything will be don ontime! Can't wait to hear all about it, as well as the big fundraiser you donated to. God bless! <><

    love you,