Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring Break ~Saturday

The girlies are little disappointed that, unlike the majority of their friends, they will be staying home and not taking a vacation this spring break. Not that we have ever taken a vacation over spring break, but disappointed none the less.

"Mom," said Piper yesterday, "I think I'm the only kid in second grade staying home and spring cleaning over spring break. What am I going to write about in my journal? Ugh! We are doing nothing fun!"

I completely understood her frustration. Friends were globetrotting and would have adventures to write about in their homework journals to be shared upon returning to school. And we were just staying home, cleaning the house and preparing for the huge community yard sale April 30.

Yes, there will be a lot of spring cleaning taking place but I decided that we'll do something fun each day. And I'll blog about it.


It would be Friday before I knew it and we'd have a cleaner home but nothing "fun."

So here it is... Day 1

The cleaning today:

The closet/drawer changeover. I had the girlies take every piece of clothing out of their drawers and sort out what still fit and could be saved for next fall/winter. They have only gained 2-3 pounds a year and many of their clothes still fit fine. I'm buying size 7-8 tops now, but the 6s still look just fine. Some stuff they have worn for the past two years and were just sick of seeing. Those items and the too small stuff went into the "sell" pile.

Then we got out the tubs of saved spring/summer clothes from last year and sorted out what still fit and what they would want to wear again this year. The good stuff went into the drawers and another "sell" pile was formed. I had also purchased a few new summer items on clearance this winter, so we got out the bags- tried things on and took off tags. We decided who loved an item and who didn't care. And if both loved it, who got it first. Girlies are wearing the same size now.

That took most of the afternoon. Now I have organized drawers and closets ready for warm weather. And two huge piles for me to deal with. A "keep" pile to fold and pack up and the "sell" pile I'll wash, iron and photograph to upload to ebay this week.



So how about the fun?

After dinner, the tremendous rain storms of the day had passed. We piled in the car and headed to Sweet Frog. The girlies love it! It's a fix your own frozen yogurt with every known to man topping available. The place was packed. They made quite the concoctions.

After our yogurt, we headed to LifeWay to browse the books (or sit in the beanbag chairs and watch Veggie Tales if you are a kid). We were the last out the door as they closed at 9.

Car dancing ensued on the way home. {sugar high?}

Not a tropical vacation. But I think we are off to a good start.


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  1. I don't know ... it looks like you guys are still having a good amount of fun! Hey, it's what you make it, right?! What a super lesson for your girls that it isn't where you are but with whom you are with that makes the most fun! And I'm totally going to steal your clothes sorting idea next week when our boys are home for their break! Yes the our older 2 boys are practically the same size too ... and Brayden never seems to get any fatter ... just taller! Some of his clothes he may not have truly out grown ... but I'm just tired of seeing them! HA!
    Hope you are feeling better soon too by the way!